Guard Pass - Under Both Legs

Start in your opponent’s closed guard. Keep your head low and use your hands to secure both his biceps.

Walk both hands down to his hips, starting in the center of his chest, until reaching his hips. Then secure his hips with both hands by grabbing his pants material.

For No-Gi, just push your palms into his hips.

Pivot your right knee outward so your right leg is at approximately a 90-degree angle to your left leg.

Position your left knee in your opponent’s tailbone, and arch your back to open his guard.

Scoop underneath both his legs, keeping your head and chest up while doing so.

Bring both knees together (behind his tailbone), gable grip your hands as low as possible, and lean back to pull him up over your thighs.

In class, Coach Daniel refers to this as “pulling him up the boat ramp”.

Pop up onto your feet, keeping them far enough away from his torso that he cannot grab your ankles. By doing this, you should be stacking him up by bringing his knees toward his face.

Reach your right thumb into his opposite-side lapel.

Walk your feet around to his side (to your right) until you are perpendicular to his body. While doing this, bring your right forearm down across his neck.

Transfer some of your weight onto your right hip to rotate your body and allow his legs to slide by your head.

Establish a good side control position.