Far-Side Guard Pass

Start in your opponent’s closed guard. Keep your head low and use your hands to secure both his biceps.

Walk both hands down to his hips, starting in the center of his chest.

Secure his hips with both hands by grabbing his pants material.

For No-Gi, just push your palms into his hips.

Pivot your right knee outward so your right leg is at approximately a 90-degree angle to your left leg.

Position your left knee in your opponent’s tailbone, and arch your back to open his guard.

While continuing to keep pressure on his right hip with your left hand, use your right hand to push his left knee to the mats.

Slide your far-side (left) knee across his thigh. Don’t remove your right hand from his leg until your shin has replaced that pressure. Also, ensure that your torso continues to face your opponent, as opposed to turning away from him. The latter could cause your back to be taken.

Place your left hand on the mats directly under his right armpit.

Stomp your right foot onto the mats, ensuring it is far enough away that your opponent cannot grab it.

Use your right hand to secure a cuff grip on his left sleeve, and pull it upward. Slide your left leg underneath his armpit as you do this.

…or use your right hand to reach over his left arm and secure his left triceps. Pull it upward, and slide your left leg underneath his armpit as you do this.

Pivot your hips so they are facing the ground as you use his sleeve or trapped arm to rotate his upper torso away from you.

Establish a good side control position.