Guest Post by a 5-Year-Old

A while back, we asked our youth students to write a sentence, paragraph, or short essay on the topic, "What Motivates you to do Jiu-Jitsu?". We've occasionally been sharing some of those submissions, from students aged 5 to 11, with spelling and grammar errors intact. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as we do!

Our second post comes from one of our 5-year-old youth students:

I like it. It has fun stuff. I like the shark. I like to play games at the end of Saturday class. I like rolling. I like the moves. I love our jogging and sprints. I like stretching at BJJ.

If you know a youngster who might also enjoy jogging, sprints, and/or fitness-related games, check out one of our Saturday youth classes, which include all that and more! Stretching, rolling, "moves", and "the shark" are included in all our youth and adult classes, so there's plenty of that to go around.