NAGA Connecticut Championship

Relson Gracie Connecticut brought a team of nine individuals (2 adults and 7 kids/teens) to the NAGA Connecticut Championship in New Haven this past Saturday. Here are the results!

  • Adults:
    • Danielle Gambardella: 1st place (Gi), 1st place (No-Gi)
    • Glenn Pierce: 1st place (Gi), 2nd place (No-Gi)

This was Glenn's first tournament with our team. He rolled calmly and smoothly to take silver in no-gi and gold in gi. I believe all of his matches were captured on video, so if you ask him nicely, he may let you watch them (no pressure, Glenn)!

  • Kids/Teens:
    • Gabe: 2nd place (Gi), 1st place (No-Gi)
    • Hiram: 1st place (Gi), 1st place (No-Gi)
    • Jaxsen: 1st place (Gi), 1st place (No-Gi)
    • Logan B: 1st place (Gi), 1st place (No-Gi), 2nd place (No-Gi)
    • Logan M: 1st place (Gi), 1st place (No-Gi x 2)
    • Sophie: 2nd place (Gi x 2), 2nd place (No-Gi x 2)
    • Vishruti: 1st place (Gi), 2nd place (No-Gi)

    Since this was a smaller tournament with lighter brackets, some of our youth students competed in three or four divisions, as shown in the results above. Hiram was our only first-time youth competitor, but he showed no signs of being nervous and ended up winning gold in both of his brackets. Everyone else fought well too, with improvements being shown all around. As always, we are incredibly proud of our team!

    Check out some of the highlights below, and visit our Facebook page for even more pictures!