Rhalan Gracie Seminar

Last night, we were lucky enough to host two Rhalan Gracie seminars - one for our youth students and another for the adults. The kids went first, starting off with a fun warmup where they had to repeatedly cross a "river" without getting caught by the "alligator". Once they were sufficiently warm, Rhalan launched into a number of self-defense techniques, working one-on-one with each student while the others watched and waited their turn. Afterward, they finished off with some guard passing and sparring.

The adult seminar was equally successful. Rhalan focused on techniques useful in competition, with respect to passing the guard and attacking from bottom-side guard. It was a fun and informative two hours.

At the very end of the night, degrees were awarded to Gabe B, Vishruti, and James. And...we have two new blue belts! Congratulations to Esteban Alvarez and John McCormack, who have both worked incredibly hard to get to this point. Keep training, and keep up the good work!

I'd like to close with a huge "thank you" to Rhalan for visiting us and sharing his knowledge of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. We look forward to the next time!

The best photos are posted below, but feel free to check out our Facebook page for more!