Relson Gracie Seminar Recap

Despite the wind, rain, and overall poor weather, Relson Gracie successfully flew in from Maryland yesterday to deliver two awesome seminars at our academy.

First up was our first ever youth seminar, where our students practiced - among other things - the Relson spinning arm bar, standing in base, and fighting off a stranger dragging them by the arm. The sixteen kids in attendance were on their best behavior for the full hour. We were especially proud when they impressed Relson by properly demonstrating some of the moves they already knew.

The adult seminar was incredibly informative. He taught more than I can remember, but we all learned some great tricks for escaping back mount and side control, transitioning from side control to knee-on-belly to an arm bar, and even performing a nice knee bar. Relson told some entertaining stories, took many pictures with attendees, and of course helped with promotions! So without further ado, please join me in congratulating the following individuals who earned degrees on their belts last night:

  • Harlan Bedell (1st-degree white belt)
  • Daniel Ithier (1st-degree white belt)
  • Matt Payne (1st-degree white belt)
  • Steven Alvarez (4th-degree white belt)
  • Joe Benacquisto (4th-degree white belt)
  • John McCormack (4th-degree white belt)
  • Danielle Gambardella (3rd-degree blue belt)
  • Jeremy Payne (1st-degree purple belt)
  • Jason Smith (1st-degree purple belt)
  • Coach Daniel Pilewski (3rd-degree brown belt)

Last, but certainly not least, HUGE congratulations to Marcin Pirog for receiving his purple belt! Excellent work, everyone!

There are way too many pictures to post here, but some of my favorites are posted below (click to enlarge). Check out our Facebook page for more!