Promotions (Dec. 28 & Dec. 30)

We have seven promotions to announce this week. First off, huge congratulations to John Trammell for earning his blue belt! John is consistent and technical, and he earned many gold medals as a white belt. He handled 20+ minutes of sparring like a champ and is sure to give other blue belts a run for their money on the competition floor. Congratulations again, John!

Next, congratulations to Manny, Yaya, and Francesca for earning their gray belts! And last, but certainly not least, John McCormack, Carlos, and Magnus all earned degrees on their white belts. Here's the summary:

  • Dec. 28: John Trammell (blue belt)
  • Dec. 28: John McCormack (3rd-degree white belt)
  • Dec. 30: Manny (gray belt)
  • Dec. 30: Yaya (gray belt)
  • Dec. 30: Francesca (gray belt)
  • Dec. 30: Carlos (3rd-degree white belt)
  • Dec. 30: Magnus (2nd-degree white belt)

Awesome work, everyone!